Actuaries Find out more about actuaries

An actuary puts their mathematical and probabilistic skills to use to evaluate the risk that particular future events occur. Typically employed by insurance companies, pension consultants, banks and investment trusts; actuaries are an integral part of their operations to ensure they are able to weather whatever the future may hold for them.

In order to become a recognised actuary you have to take professional examinations as you would in other lines of work such as medicine. Many countries have their own professional examinations, notoriously difficult in their nature, making an actuary a very well respected figure in any company.

Actuaries will experience a diverse range of work where they will need to use their mathematical, statistical, financial and problem solving skills to produce solutions for their employers. These skills will develop and improve during your time at Heriot-Watt and beyond as you work your way through the professional qualification necessary to become a qualified actuary.

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