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The Students' Actuarial Society (SAS) is a registered Union society, created by students undertaking the Actuarial Science degree, for students across the whole university interested in a career as an actuary. In the academic year beginning 2013, the society will be over 300 members strong, making it one of the largest societies dedicated to actuarial studies in the UK.

As SAS is a large and dynamic society, it is too big to be overseen by just one person. A series of committees are therefore in place to allow us to bring you the best service and opportunities. Below is a rundown of all the individual committees.

Responsible for the running of SAS

Consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, IT and all the committee directors; these members oversee and coordinate all of SAS's activities.

Dedicated to giving you the best chance of employment when leaving Heriot-Watt

By working closely with the university careers service, the careers committee runs regular events targeted at improving your core skills that will need to be exhibited during the application process for internships and graduate actuarial roles. The careers committee holds numerical and verbal reasoning test sessions and CV skills sessions amongst others. Furthermore, they also organise seminars hosted by actuarial employers on current affairs. These sessions are always very insightful, and will provide you with priceless information that will help make your studies all the more relevant.

Devoted towards SAS's flagship event: The Annual SAS Conference

The conference offers a unique opportunity for you to come along and speak to representatives from the industry; listen to talks from people at all stages of their career, and find out more about some of the "hot topics" currently in the public eye.

Current Affairs
Keeping you as up to date as possible with all things actuarial

The Current Affairs Committee is responsible for producing SAS's newsletter 'The Actuarial "Watt"?'; a relatively new idea that aims to broaden your knowledge of what's going on in the industry. We also look to send you regular emails with links to important stories and publications which are of interest.

Focuses on helping you succeed in your university courses

Working in conjunction with Heriot Watt's School of Mathematical and Computer Science, we provide revision sessions and mock exams for the more difficult subjects that you may encounter during your time at university. These sessions will be run by students rather than lecturers, to help give an alternative perspective on the trickier aspects of the course and hopefully shed some light in your problems.

Put your actuarial skills to use

We hold and annual competition for all Actuarial Science students. Open to all year groups, the Students' Actuarial Society competition is a great opportunity to put skills learnt in the lecture theatre to use. It also looks great on your CV!

Seminars Committee
Working hard is important in getting a good degree - but it is important to relax as well!

With the most events organised each year, the Social Committee arranges opportunities for you to take a break, let your hair down and get to know each other. We also organise social events with companies which enables students to meet actuaries and actuarial trainees in an informal setting.

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