SAS Competition 2017
What is it?
  • The SAS Annual Competition is a great way to put your actuarial skills to the test! Gain valuable assessment centre style experience in preparation for job applications.
  • Dates:
    • The competition this year has come to a close
    • Winning group will get £50 cash per person
    • Runner up group will get £30 cash per person
    Enquiries: John Watret or Justine Lowe
    The 2017 competition has ended. Congratulations to the winners!

    The SAS competition is back again for 2017! Thanks to the success of last year, the competition will run again this year and will incorporate the feedback provided by students who entered last year. The competition this year consists of a mock assessment centre. It is free to enter and offers the chance to win a cash prize of up to £50 per person. This will give you the chance to gain valuable experience and put into practice the skills you’ve gained at university. The competition will be judged by professionals, both from within the university and outwith, so expect to get meaningful feedback based on your performance. Take this opportunity to improve your CV and help you in your job applications.

    • Looks good on CV
    • Enhance your soft skills
    • Meet the judges
    • Prepare for Assessment Centres

    Congratulations to our winners Una Liu and Amanda Ng!

    Assessment Centre Competition

    Suited for years 3, 4 and master students but anyone can enter.
    One of the main stumbling points students face during the interview process for jobs is the assessment centre. So much goes on that make it difficult to get through. Thus, the aim of this category is to give students a ‘mock assessment centre’ where they can get a feel for what companies do at this stage of the process.

    You will be put into groups of 5 and given the choice of two tasks to complete: general mock assessment centre, suitable for everyone, and an actuarial mock assessment centre, aimed at students looking to apply to actuarial firms. This event will most likely take around 2 hours of your time in total and will also be judged at various stages. Feedback provided based on student performance.


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