Created and ran by Actuarial Students, for Actuarial Students.

Heriot-Watt Students’ Actuarial Society is here to encourage you to have fun and make the most of your degree, sending you into the world of work well-prepared for what lies ahead.

We help improve your industry knowledge through the newsletters we distribute — with articles discussing the latest to plague the industry — and our annual actuarial conference — where experienced professionals dive deep discussing topics directly relevant to you as they affect your industry.

We host careers talks from both students and established companies to provide ever-valuable insights into the evolving recruitment process. We also run a practise assessment centre, judged by actuarial professionals, to test your skills and offer constructive feedback, further helping you to improve your job applications.

We liase with MACS to provide student-led workshops offering extra support and guidance from experienced individuals for those especially difficult subjects.

University offers countless opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, and SAS is no exception! We provide support and help you to relax when all that studying gets just a little too much.

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The SAS-iest bunch

These are the people putting the work in, organising and coordinating events for you. If you have questions, these are the faces you want.

Andrew Bisset

Marketing Director 2021

Beth McLeish

Treasurer 2021

Callum Brown

Secretary 2021
Marketing Director 1920
Social Director 1819

Chris Campbell

President 2021
Marketing Director 1920

Finlay Morrow

Vice President 2021
Marketing Director 1819

Firaz Ahmed

Careers and Education Director 2021

Jade Boyd

Careers and Education Director 2021

Jordan Nisbet

Competition Director 2021
Treasurer 1920

Lauren McKie

Vice President 2021

Lesley Nicol

Conference Director 2021
Vice President 1920
Social Director 1819

Sanjit Kumar

Social Director 2021

Timothy Wong

Current Affairs Director 2021
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We make no apologies for any and all puns used. Find them all and win a prize! Note: Prize is the feeling of pride, or shame, that you tried and not a tangible object.

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