Society Recap: February 2019

So what have we been up to for the past couple of months in that precious time from the books?

By Lauren Bailie.

17 March 2020 (22 days ago)

Christmas dinner

First off we had our annual Christmas Dinner in TGI Fridays, complet with a very impressive turnout of Christmas attire(good job guys).

Revision Sessions

In the run up to exams our wonderful education directors held revision sessions for some of the tougher courses to tackle such as Economics, Stochastic Processes and Probability and statistics.

Mystery Bus tour

In name of SAS tradition, we started the new year off with our ever-popular mystery bus tour. So where did we end up this year? Well after a couple of stops including a very traditional Scottish pub in Galashiels and a ridiculously lovely creperie that could have hosted a very picturesque wedding(the only downside was the absence of actual crepes) we ended up in Sheffield! Thank you to our brilliant socials for organising everything.

Interview tips talk

Interviews are without a doubt the most fear-inducing stages of the recruitment process, whether that be for internships or graduate jobs. Luckily Alan Smith had all the best tips and tricks to make sure we put across our best selves in any interview situation. Thank you to Julius, our careers director, and to Alan Smith for such an interesting talk!

So what’s on the SAS horizon?

First of all we have our annual competition. The competition takes the form of a mock assessment centre which gives tou the opportunity to gain not only experience but valuable feedback from industry professionals as well as the potential to win cash prizes. And the best parr? It’s completely free! Now that’s what I call arbitrage! Secondly we are holding our annual SAS conference. This year Dr Gordon Woo, a catastrophist specialising in mathematical modelling of extreme risks and catastrophe insurance will be presenting “Insurance and the financial aspect of Cyber Risk”, Dr David Hare, former president of the IFoA and Partner will be presenting “Laying the foundations of a successful Actuarial Career” and finally Dr Richard Cruise, lecturer at Heriot watt will be presenting the findings of his fascinating research into Mathematical and Statistical challenges in managing energy storage, decarbonisation of society and charging of electric vehicles.