Society Recap: February 2020

SAS have hit the ground running with the start of a new decade!

By Fraser Albiston.

5 February 2020 (17 days ago)

Firstly, we had our annual bus tour which was enjoyed by all. We also hosted our newly named Artificial Assessment Centre which gave students the chance to better prepare for the dreaded final stage of many recruitment processes. Other events coming up in the future include many more careers talks and some more cultural and social events.

Bus tour 2020

An amazing start to the semester! Many students were whisked away to a mystery location (I won’t give it away) with a few stops for drinks in between. Everyone had a great time and one of the stops on the way even had a bowling alley and mini golf course which I just had to try. Many thanks to the social directors and everyone else who made the event possible!

Artificial assessment centre

One of the most useful events for being successful in obtaining a job offer. The artificial assessment centre gave students a first-hand experience of what to expect when applying for a graduate position or internship. Those who took part had to work in groups to understand several pages of information regarding which location was best to look for oil. Students then had to prepare a 7-minute presentation that was given to real actuarial recruiters that were kind enough to help out at the event. There were even cash prizes for the winner in each group!