Society Recap: March 2019

So what have we been up to since the last edition? (Apart from all that time spent stressing out in the library, naturally.)

By Lauren Bailie.

17 March 2020 (22 days ago)

##SAS Competition At the end of January we had our annual SAS competition, one of our flagship events in the SAS calendar. The mock assessment centre setup aims to test participants problem solving, teamwork and communication skills just to name a few. Thanks must go to our wonderful competition director Jiawei Chen and his subcommittee! Also a big congratulations to our winner Lesley Nicol.

##SAS Conference In early February we held our annual SAS conference. This featureed incredibly interesting talks, the first of which was on the intricacies of cyber security and its relation to risk management, brought to us by Dr Gordon Woo. The second featured the importance of soft skills in the actuarial world from former IFoA president Dr David Hare. Finally our very own Dr James Cruise opened our eyes to the use of statistics to solve our current problems with energy. Many thanks to our speaker and congratulations to our brilliant conference director Stewart Young and his wonderful subcommittee for running such a superb event!

##So what’s on the SAS horizon? Look out for our upcoming revision sessions, keep an eye on the website for details! We also have the FASS ball at the end of May, so keep checking those beautifully written emails(thanks Joanne) for further information. Apart from that, best of luck in your exams and have a wonderful summer!