Society Recap: November 2019

A very career focused and educational set of events recently.

By Fraser Albiston.

12 November 2019 (3 months ago)

SAS hosts lots of different types of events during the year. Here is a summary of what has happened so far. If you would like to know more about the events we hold and when upcoming events are then check out our website and social media.

How To Tackle Coding Problems

A two-part special. Our resident IT extraordinaire, Amit, gave students an insight into the foundations required to help you understand what you will be coding. The second part aimed to show students an example of dealing with coding problems that might pop up in projects. The lectures showed students how to dissect a problem and how to plan steps to deal with the problem.

IMA Talk

At the end of October, Dagmar Waller, a spokesperson for the Institute of Mathematics and its applications gave us an interesting talk into potential career paths that your degree can take you on. Moreover, Dagmar gave advice on how to best prepare yourself for the CV and interview stages of job applications and how a membership for a professional body supports your applications and career prospects.

Internship Talk

On the 17th of October, we had seven students who have done internships over the summer shared their experience on the application processes and working experience during their internships. This talk was extremely useful to anyone who is thinking about doing an internship next summer.

Industrial Placement Talk

Another two-part special! If you are interested in taking part in the industrial placement programme and want some info into it, then this was the talk for you! Nine students who were involved in companies in the actuarial industry gave their experience in the sort of work that they took part in during their placement.