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SAS Christmas Dinner

2 December 2019 (3 days ago)

TGI Fridays, 26 Castle Street

SAS is back and rolling with our annual Christmas dinner at TGI’s to celebrate the end of the first semester and drown away the sorrows caused by exam preparation

It starts at 7 pm at TGI’s (at 26 Castle Street) on the 2nd of December. It will be £23 per person, for a three course meal with very generous portions which will make you think that Christmas is here already (I wish…).

Sign ups are going to be outside LT3 at

12 pm - 1pm on Tuesday the 26th

11 am-12pm on Wednesday the 27th

So please bring £23 to the sign up.

As a person who has been to the past 2 Christmas dinners, I can guarentee that you will have a banging time. So tell your friends, tell you family and tell your lecturers(if you can convince them to get a SAS membership) and I will see you on the 2nd of December!