SAS Careers 18/19

The aim of our Society is to promote understanding of this highly respectable yet unheard profession. Our society exists to enhance students’ knowledge about the industry before graduation. We have organised talks to raise commercial awareness among members about pensions and insurance, exploring the way actuaries respond to challenges in this changing world with endless possibilities. There are various opportunities to ask seniors and alumni about their experiences working in actuarial placements and providing members advices about internships is also one of the great services the society can offer.

Our speakers this year will include third year or fourth year students with relevant work experience, lecturers and professionals from different companies and institutions. By attending these events you can network with people who have an in-depth exposure in the actuarial industry. You can sign up for the different talks and events below and you can always get in touch with me for any further questions.

Julius Yap Jin Shen.

Upcoming events

Past events



Careers Talk from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

5.30pm to 6:30pm


EM 307

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is the professional and learned society for qualified and practising mathematicians and exists to support the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its applications and to promote and enhance mathematical culture in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, for the public good.

Founded in 1964, the Institute now has over 5000 members. 10% of members live outside the United Kingdom. 40% of members are employed in education (schools through to universities), and the other 60% work in commercial and governmental organisations. In 1990 the Institute was incorporated by Royal Charter and was subsequently granted the right to award Chartered Mathematician status.

This talk features:

    -General careers’ information starting from a mathematical sciences degree.
    -Emphasis on how to present yourself to employers at CV and interview stage.
    -About the IMA and how membership of a professional body supports your applications and subsequent career development.

Organiser(s): Julius Yap Jin Shen



Internship Experience Talk

12:15pm to 1:15pm



Would you like to make the most of your degree? Are you considering applying for a summer internship or placement for next year?

Whether you´re a first year student wanting to know more about different career paths or a final year willing to get some insightful experiences before applying for jobs, this talk is for you. We will have six students that have been involved in some of the top companies within the actuarial industry such as PwC, Deloitte, Scottish Widows…

We will also be preparing refreshments for you all so join us. Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity!


Organiser(s): Julius Yap Jin Shen



IFoA Curriculum 2019 Talk

Making the most of your degree with a challenging and varied career – become an actuary

Whether you like it or not, you use your maths skills every day. From deciding on the amount of measured ingredients required to cook, to figuring out how long you could stretch the last of your £20.

Maths is a skill which can be applied to many areas, and if you find Pi easy – have you thought about taking maths further and then into a career? We’re not talking your typical accountancy career route, but how about becoming an actuary.

What is the new IFoA Curriculum 2019 all about?

As the needs of the actuarial profession and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) evolve, so must the curriculum. In 2019 the Curriculum is due to change. The changes will apply to any new students who wish to take exams from April 2019.

1hr talk + 15mins Q&A, ONLY for MEMBERS

Organiser(s): Julius Yap Jin Shen



Interview Tips

11:15am to 12:00pm


Careers Skills Room

Do you want to improve your interview skillsin order to ace an interview?

If yes, do join us in our interview tips talk to get some pro tips that will definitely help you in your interview.

We are delighted to have Alan Smith to share his piece of advice so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Organiser(s): Julius Yap Jin Shen



Industrial Placement Talk

Are you a penultimate year student wanting to apply for an industrial placement?

If yes, do join us in our industrial placement talk to get some insightful placement experiences before applying.

We will be having eight students who have been involved in some of the top companies within the actuarial industry such as PwC, Prudential, Aegon.

Don't miss out this opportunitiy to find out more about industrial training!

Organiser(s): Julius Yap Jin Shen